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Visionary Voices Series — The Edge X Lea Karam

Last week, we opened our Visionary Voices Series with Lea Karam from Behave, Total Media.

Lea is an expert in Behavioural Science and Planning. She shared invaluable insights to help us in the crafting of our strategies – ensuring a deeper understanding of our audiences behaviour for more impactful connections.

To better understand human behaviour, it’s important to explore the details of how individuals and groups act and interact. This foundational understanding will provide us with a unique lens through which our filmmakers can create even more authentic characters, compelling narratives, and emotionally resonant experiences.

Our integration of behavioural science and planning marks a transformative approach to filmmaking. By leveraging this high level of expertise, we aspire to craft films that not only push creative boundaries but also resonate deeply with audiences, fostering a new era of innovative and impactful cinematic storytelling.

This series really promises to push us to craft even more innovative and effective strategies, allowing us to bring this high-level of expertise to our films.

Thanks to Lea Karam for sharing your knowledge with us!

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