Trailer Openreach

Openreach look after the fibres, wires and cables that connect the entire country. They work on behalf of over 620 service providers (such as Sky, TalkTalk, Gamma, Daisy as well as BT) to maintain the local access network that’s available to 31.8 million customers and which supports 300 million telephone calls and 350 million Internet connections every day.

This project looked to revamp the annual compliance training that every field engineer must complete. The old annual training took half a day, and was un-engaging and unpopular – the 2018 basic compliance mandatory training was a 19 page, 7000 word document which learners were supposed to read.

Our brief was to provide a breath of fresh air and bring 22 topics to life – everything from how to introduce yourself to customers, to conflicts of interest, data protection, disposal of hazardous waste, physical security and diversity. We had to make it engaging, relevant and make it all fit inside 45 minutes.

Videos form the heart of the learning and we wanted to make them fresh, relatable, authentic, surprising. Variety was a high priority – the course proceeds at such a pace that it was important to engage learners in different ways as it unfolded.


Globee Business Excellence Awards – GOLD in Compliance Training

GOLD: Globee Awards – Compliance Training for Film & e-learning