Network Rail Vulnerable People

As the owner and infrastructure manager of the UK’s railway network, Network Rail has a duty of care when dealing with trespass situations on NR infrastructure that involve members of the public. It’s an issue that unfortunately presents a daily risk across the network, and data shows that approx. ¾ of trespassers are vulnerable and struggling in some way.

We were tasked with creating a film to support a course to help challenge negative assumptions made by NR staff who dealing with trespass situations. By inviting them to shift perceptions and be less judgemental, it better prepares staff to resolve future incidents in a more respectful and effective way.

Through subverting expectations and encouraging the audience to empathise with our protagonist and their mental health challenges, the film is helping to challenge and change attitudes within Network Rail for the better.


Awards received:

  • New York Festival TV & Film Awards 2023 – Grand Award, Corporate Image
  • New York Festival TV & Film Awards 2023 – Gold Award, Attitudinal Training