Network Rail in association with CALM Be A Mate (series)

Network Rail (NR) have partnered with CALM (the Campaign Against Living Miserably) to deliver an internal campaign promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing. The campaign’s goal is to destigmatise mental health challenges and the importance of talking about them openly. Its central theme, ‘Be A Mate’, is based on a simple call-to-action: Just be there for your colleagues.

Through careful scripting and relatable characters, our films present situations that demonstrate how simple actions can make a difference. They explore the central themes in a gentle yet surprising way that makes the messages more memorable, easier to digest, and highlights the importance of being open and present when someone is feeling down and struggling.

We produced the films as an interconnected series along with a short ‘making of’ film that further explores the key themes. Coupled with an intimate, dynamic camera style, the series has a familiar, grounded feel – but with a twist!


Awards won:

  • Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2022 – SILVER DOLPHIN, Corporate Social Responsibility
  • EVCOM London Film Awards 2022 – SILVER, Direction