Energy Networks Association Look Out, Look Up

ENA is the electricity networks’ trade body and they represent the ‘wires and pipes’ transmission and distribution network operators for gas and electricity in the UK and Ireland. We had to raise awareness of the potential risks and dangers of working close to overhead power lines and also demonstrate how dangerous even the slightest touch of a live line can be.

ENA wanted to connect with people and make them more aware of their surroundings and possible dangers overhead. Wherever drivers are, we want them to think for a moment, to look out and look up. Contact with overhead power lines is extremely dangerous and it happens too often.

‘Look Out Look Up’ has been distributed across all nationwide electricity network areas across the UK. It will be seen online and in a series of safety events that member companies run their local regions. The film also complements the ‘Look Out Look Up’ document issued by ENA which gives guidance on the use of mechanical vehicles in the vicinity of overhead power lines.

Awards Won:

GOLD – EVCOM London Film Awards – Health & Safety