Equality & Diversity Policy

At The Edge we take pride in being a multi-cultural company that values diversity.

We treat all of our staff fairly, with dignity and respect and recognise that in addition to being illegal, discrimination is also wasteful. We find there are many benefits from having a wide range of ethnic and social backgrounds, not least in the experience and knowledge this brings to our productions.

Discrimination, bullying or harassment of any kind is not tolerated. We believe that our success depends on effective teamwork.

Within The Edge we:

  • Aim to prevent all forms of discrimination based on disability, ethnic origin, gender/sexual orientation, nationality, religion, birth or marital status, age, political or other beliefs
  • Respect and value people of all backgrounds
  • Act to prevent inappropriate behaviour, including sexual, racial, religious or any other form of harassment, bullying or intimidation
  • Do not tolerate retaliation against any employee raising a grievance on grounds of discrimination or harassment
  • Ensure every employee has an equal right to fair practices regarding grievance and disciplinary processes
  • Recognise employees’ personal and family privacy and the confidentiality of personal information
  • Allow employees to take part in their country’s democratic process
  • Recruit, develop, promote and remunerate people solely on merit and apply employment practices fairly and equitably to all employees
  • Provide all employees with a fair wage
  • Ensure safe and healthy working conditions for all employees

This policy will be updated by the General Manager and/or Operations Manager on an annual basis.