Our Key Steps to Making Great Films

We’ve spent over three decades delivering award-winning films across almost every sector you can think of!

Whether it’s Aviation, Charities/NGOs, Energy, Finance, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Retail, Technology, Telecommunications, we’ve worked with leading names around the world for over 30 years – and we know how to get your brand and messaging out there.




One of the great benefits of building up this kind of portfolio is that you learn a great deal along the way. We don’t just execute ideas: we research & originate them, script them, and manage the production process with precision.

We’re able to contribute our expertise across all areas of the filmmaking process, from pre-production through to final delivery of encodes and subsequent distribution – and everything in between! So let us give you an idea of how we operate…



Step 1: Unpacking the Brief

Every stage of a project is important, but it’s probably a wasted venture if you don’t start from a solid base – and it’s why we see the Briefing stage as vital to our process.

That said, we don’t believe in one specific, rigid regimen about how we respond.

We’ve helped clients write briefs, we’ve come up with our own when proposing new project ideas to clients, and we’re also very much at home with receiving a ‘cold’ brief and taking it from there.

For us, the key to this stage is finding the best route to understanding the core need of the project. We’re usually being challenged to distil a lot of information into a few minutes of film, so we see it as stripping down the brief to the key components, and then using that to establish the best creative response.

Getting a clear vision of the project’s need is vital to allowing us to move to the next step.



Step 2: Research

During the analysis of the brief, our team also looks to intensively research as many different aspects as possible. We’re always looking for that extra edge (pardon the pun) to help us develop a response that will exceed expectations.

This can include elements such as the wider context of the subject matter, the client’s brand, or traditional audience demographics, and then distilling it down to the key elements: the what, the why, the how, and so on…

As with the Briefing stage, intensive research can add tangible value, whether it’s helping give us a clearer understanding of the overall picture.

Audience and subject matter research can be critical in helping us to get under the skin of a project and devise creative ideas that make the results stand out from the rest of the field.



Step 3: Creativity

Once we’ve got the project’s foundations established – a clear assessment of the brief’s requirements and any appropriate researched content to refer to – it’s time to find the right creative solution.

We’re a firm believer in great ideas being able to come from anywhere. We’re experts in developing creative solutions ourselves and we’re also very happy to work with any concepts or specifications already in place – it’s entirely down to the specifics of the project and how we can best bring the requirements to life.

Our in-house Creative Department generally lead this process, explore the different creative possibilities available through internal conversations, creative group sessions etc. It’s about striking the balance between your project parameters, e.g. timelines, budget, stakeholder input, and the best solution to deliver your key messages.

We’ve used all manner of different creative solutions during our time in business. We’re experts in all kinds of creative approaches such as documentary, drama, animation, UGC content etc., and how to use them bring vital issues to life.



Step 4: Analytics

Once we’ve analysed, researched, and provided a creative idea that meets the client’s needs, we set out to establish measurements for project success.

The key to our three decades of success has been the establishing and maintaining of fruitful long-term client partnerships. We work hard to understand how you think and how you work, and it means we’re able to successfully align with communication strategies and content calendars.

We want to develop every client relationship into a partnership, and a key aspect is our project management system which is founded by regular communication and opportunity for feedback to ensure our content meets your needs and goals.



Whether it’s KPIs, KSIs, CSFs, OKRs, or another similar acronym, we aim to ensure we have tangible parameters in place to measure a project’s success, and they’re always tailored to the specifics of the project.

This can take a variety of forms, whether it’s key stakeholder approval and sign-off, sourcing internal audience feedback, assessing take-up rates for a programme or initiative, or setting targets for social media views/impressions etc.

No matter the metric, we’re well acquainted with establishing clear project goals – and ensuring we meet them!



We hope this has given you some insight into the way we work and how we bring our expertise to the table on our projects.

We’ve built over 30 years of experience in delivering industry-leading films for clients across the board, with an ever-growing awards cabinet to back it up, and we’d love to partner with you to deliver the same level of content for your organisation!

So get in touch today 😊


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