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New Projects: Royal Academy of Management

We recently won a commission from a new client in Oman, The Royal Academy of Management. The Academy is in the process of establishing itself as a major new institution within Oman, aiming to help train a new generation of management talent and professionals ready to take on senior-level roles across the country.

RAM's inauguration

Our film will work as an introduction to the Academy and its mission, including a showcase of its headquarters.

As with every new client, we’re really excited at this new opportunity to build up a new relationship and can’t wait to get to work! It’s made even more exciting because the Academy approached us after watching one of our last significant productions in Oman, ‘A Journey of Discovery’ – and they loved it so much that they wanted to work with us as well.

Produced as an in-flight safety film (with tourism usage in mind) for Oman Air, the nation’s flagship airline, ‘Journey’ was both one of our most prominent global productions in recent years and our first major venture in Oman. We were delighted with the film’s reception and success when it was launched, and to have it come good for us again by helping connect us to new opportunities is particularly satisfying!


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