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The Best YouTube sites for each class – all at-home-no-equipment classes!
The gyms are closed and Class Pass is out-of-action but that doesn’t mean you have to miss your favourite workout. We put together a do-it-when-you-like timetable of the most popular workout classes.

Ready. Set. Sweat!


Class: Tabata
Perfect for: the fat burner

SELF YouTube has whole channels dedicated to at-home-no-equipment workouts which are perfect for right now. Tabata is a form of interval training that falls under the umbrella of HIIT exercise or high-intensity interval training. It requires you to perform only 20 minutes to complete a workout, but the level of intensity means it pushes your body extremely hard, and this contributes to the effectiveness of the workout.

Shona Vertue

Class: Quickie
Perfect for: the time conscious

The Vertue Method is a 12-week program and praises its self on making you stronger, leaner, fitter and more flexible. Shona Vertue is the woman behind this and her YouTube has some great home workouts. Quickies are our preferred choice. We know that a lot of us aren’t pushed for time right now. That said those that are our key workers or those that are still working full time from home or even those who have little ones at home that require your undivided attention – these quickies will be great for you!

Pamela Reif

Class: Full Body
Perfect for: the challenge seeker

Pamela has a good mix of workouts on her YouTube from beginner to pro workouts and they are all between 15 – 30 minutes. We chose this particular workout because in times like these with the world on lockdown, innovation is what it is all about. So, with no equipment in sight – grab a chair and prepare for an intense but very satisfying 15 minutes…

Mad Fit

Class: Dance
Perfect for: the one with rythem

Maddie Lymburner has an entire channel of different workouts set to current anthems. This one by Billie Ellish is a fabulous full-body workout that will get even the workout-shy moving. You may just have to have a few goes to get it spot on or start with an abs routine that’s matt based as they are a bit easier to pick up.


Class: Barre
Perfect for: the toner

POPSUGAR Fitness have a good collection of home workouts on their YouTube and they have a good rep in the fitness world too. This class combines a Barre workout – which is amazing for toning your body with cardio exersizes that burn fat. So basically it’s a win-win in 30 minutes!

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