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Congratulations to our friends at AstraZeneca!


Congratulations to our friends at AstraZeneca and Oxford University for such a monumental achievement in the fight against COVID-19. We were honoured to document this dedication through film: What Science Can Do

At the end of 2020 all of us were relieved and delighted to hear that another vaccine was approved for use in the UK. This now means there are two lights helping guide us to the end of the tunnel.

Working with AstraZeneca last year was a highlight amongst many great projects – we produced a short film which brought together all the phenomenal hard work that their R&D teams had put in making sure AZ reacted urgently to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak.

This wasn’t just about the vaccine, it was also about making sure ongoing clinical trials were able to continue, setting up testing facilities from scratch, hunting for antibodies as well as looking at how their existing portfolio of medicines could help people suffering with COVID-19. Until you scratch beneath the surface very few of us have any realisation of the depth of dedication that goes on unnoticed; a dedication that has such an impact on all of our lives.

And then, of course, there’s the flagship breakthrough that the Oxford vaccine had been approved.  To mark the occasion The Edge were very fortunate to create a short celebratory film involving interviews with some of the brilliant people involved.



From everyone at The Edge to AstraZeneca R&D – thanks so much and keep up the great work.  We’re honoured to play our role in communicating your amazing achievements!


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