At-Home Art Class

Right now, we are all looking for ways to fill the time and that’s on top of making sure we all stay healthy – both physically and mentally. Physical exercise is one way to do this, creativity is the second.

So, grab the art supplies and enrol your household into a daily Picasso class. Remember the idea is that it is therapeutic, not perfect. What kind of artist are you? Well, we have listed a few mediums that you can start off with and see what you lean towards…

Life Drawing
Get out the sketchbooks and ask your family members to strike a pose. Failing that, you can use the fruit bowl or objects around the house. The idea is to sketch at different perspectives and get familiar with the scale.

Be it oil, acrylic or watercolour – it doesn’t matter, whatever you have at hand or can get off the internet. Make something for fun with the kids or take your decor colours and DIY something for the walls.

With printing, you can really be a pro or a beginner. For the kids, get retro and carve out a couple of potatoes or old sponges. For the more serious or upscaling interior projects – make or buy stencils to print with.

Yes, straight from the 90s. Again great for kids – recycle old newspapers or magazines lying around. Or for the more sentimental of us, tell the story of this lockdown or a recent holiday.

For this, the average joe will probably have to get on Amazon and invest in some clay. That said, be it a sculpture for ornament or something fit for a purpose like a new rustic tea set. Sculpture and ceramics is a fabulous and ever-useful hobby to pick up.

Most will have some kind of camera lying around the house, failing that a smartphone with a decent camera. Even if it’s not ‘the best’ you can go ‘art house’ and document what this time means to you right now.

Card Making
Similar to scrapbooking, card making is a very useful way to pass the time. Whatever you have lying around – old birthday cards, cereal boxes or magazines. Invest in some base card, double-sided tape and shape cutters, use this downtime to create all your birthday cards for the year!

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