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The Edge Picture Company
20-22 Shelton Street
London WC2H 9JJ
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Vauxhall Motors

It Can’t Happen Here

Our very first film was a challenging drama designed to make all Vauxhall dealers and personnel aware of the possible legal implications resulting in faulty workmanship, service and accessories. The film needed to be arresting and make the employees understand the possible ramifications of their actions.

Marks & Spencer

Legs in Focus

A product knowledge training film to show employees how hosiery garments are manufactured and the range’s various customer benefits. It marked the beginning of a successful 17 year relationship between The Edge and M&S. And was winner of our first ever award at the International Visual Communication Association (IVCA) Awards!

Birds Eye Wall’s


This series was our first ever quarterly video magazine, designed to communicate sales results and new business initiatives to all UK staff. Regular internal video magazines quickly became a cornerstone of The Edge’s success.

Department of Trade and Industry

China Means Business

The Edge’s first film for the UK Government gave UK Senior Business Leaders an insight into doing business in the fast rising economy of China.

Abbey National


We pioneered this well-known, ground-breaking monthly video magazine, which looked at a whole range of business critical issues - updating all UK employees about everything from new products to local success stories.

Cable & Wireless

Think Twice

An iconic ‘pop video’ that warned all global employees about the threat of computer viruses. Our 6’ 5" singing green man and the chorus "next time you pick up a disk, think twice before you take the risk" was impossible to forget. Winner of New York Festivals Grand Prix and 12 International Awards.

Queen Elizabeth's Foundation for the Disabled

The Foundation

Narrated by the late Ian Dury, this was our first high-profile charity film (the first of many!). A stylised studio-based film using powerful photography and sound effects to great effect, this made a huge impression on all who saw it.

M&G Investments

Who Needs a Pension

This comedy drama communicated the importance of company pension schemes to the employees of M&G’s clients and was recognised by 8 International awards including a Grand Prix in New York.


Every Customer Offered Help

An Edge classic! We turned the tables in this film to make Tesco store staff appreciate for themselves what it would be like to be confronted by a checkout assistant lacking the basics of good customer service.


Giving Children Back Their Future

Barnardo’s wanted to get away from the misconception that they still run orphanages and present a modern face to communicate, unforgettably, the vital, challenging and varied work they do to support some of the most vulnerable people in society.


In a Diverse World

The agrichemical businesses of Zeneca and Novartis came together to form Syngenta and create the world’s biggest agrichemicals business. Our film launched the new company to three international stock markets and the new workforce. Winner of 2 IVCA and 4 NYF Awards, including Gold for both Internal and External Communications.

The Alzheimer's Society

When's Dad Coming Home?

This drama set to a Coldplay music track is unforgettable. By communicating the horror of dementia and its impact on others, it helps shock, move and energise the viewer into action. Winner of both the prestigious Grand Prix Award at both the IVCA and New York Film Festivals.

Royal Navy

Sticks & Stones

This is a hard-hitting docu-drama that examines racism, sexual discrimination and bullying and became a mandatory part of the Navy’s awareness training.


Stock Idol

B&Q required a dramatic internal campaign which involved staff, overcame resistance and gathered momentum for the change-over to a new fully-automated stock ordering system. The result was Stock Idol - an innovative 4-month campaign which gripped the collective imagination unlike anything B&Q had ever done before. Winner of the IVCA Effectiveness Gold Award.


One Day

Lymphatic Filariasisis is an awful, very prevalent disease as it disfigures rather than kills, and is little known about in the West. One Day was produced to create impact, raise awareness and highlight the scale of GSK’s commitment to eradicate the disease. Winner of multiple NYF awards including the Grand Prix.


Embracing Diversity

Aimed at winning hearts and minds, this internal film was designed to be deliberately arresting and make uncomfortable viewing. It helps employees understand the consequences of their preconceptions and behaviour with both colleagues and customers. Another NYF Grand Prix winner!


Connected Living

A powerful drama designed to capture the very spirit of Vodafone by bringing the Company’s purpose to life in a compelling and memorable manner by showing the impact the company has on the lives of so many millions of people, every minute, of every day. Winner of 4 IVCA Awards including Best Internal Communications.

COI/ British Army

The Grim Reaper

Army personnel are almost 3 times as likely to die in a Road Traffic Accident as a civilian. We needed to produce a behavioural-changing, hard-hitting, surprising film, extreme enough to get this tough audience to sit up and take notice. Winner of the IVCA Grand Prix, among other Awards.


Following Innovation where it Leads

Here we had to tell a highly complex, research-based story in an accessible way for a very broad internal and external audience. We did this by tapping into the passion of Actelion’s own people to look at what they call the ‘Drug Hunting’ process, with beautifully-designed graphics helping to bring their words to life.

Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation

1001 Inventions and the Library of Secrets

2010 saw the making of our most successful film to date! Starring Sir Ben Kingsley, the film accompanied the 1001 Inventions global touring exhibition, promoting greater understanding of the scientific heritage of Ancient Muslim civilization. In its first year it was downloaded over 12 million times worldwide and won over 20 top International awards!

Network Rail


Network Rail runs a world-class Apprentice Scheme, but when these and other young people start work for the organisation, they often find their opinions are not given sufficient value which can have a direct impact on safety. This film helped to start an internal debate about the negative impact of entrenched culture and behaviour.