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Intelligent thinking, creativity and rigorous project management are the hallmarks of our film-making, and we pride ourselves on being experts in the use of the power of film to transform the immersive experience of visitors to Museums and public spaces across the world.

Examples of our work include the 1001 Inventions global educational exhibition that promotes awareness of a thousand years of scientific and cultural achievements from Muslim civilisation. Starring Sir Ben Kingsley – our group of films reveal the huge impact on the world that’s been made by the inventions and discoveries of Muslim inventors and scientists throughout history. Launched in London, the exhibition has travelled across the world and continues to achieve astounding success – more than 20 awards internationally and over 20 million downloads.

We recently wrapped up five films for Qasr Al Muwaiji in the UAE to showcase the innovative Muwaiji Fort project and how it was developed. Earlier this month we also produced a suite of films which supported ‘ Our City That Likes to Smile’ – an exhibition held at the UN Headquarters in New York – exploring the future vision for Saudi Arabia. And we’re currently in production of a group of exciting films for the new Maths exhibit at The Science Museum in London.

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