Got questions about the Ooredoo filming? Check the FAQs here, and if your question is still unanswered, email us.

Do I have to shoot everything in the instructions?

You’re free to shoot as much or as little as you like. There’s no limit to the number of films you can submit.


Do all shots have to follow the 14 second guideline?

We don’t want shots to be too short. So yes.


Should I shoot my colleagues or should I be the one facing the camera?

It’s up to you to decide whether to film yourself or to work together with colleagues. It’s certainly easier to film other people!


On What to shoot #2, should the smiling and the completing the sentence be two separate shots?

As a rule, each shot should be separate. But if you combine these two, that’s fine


Can we make our creative shots longer than 15 seconds ?

Shorter is better than longer but we’ll look at everything that people submit; we’re looking for the most creative ideas