We Like the Way You Think


We created 15 short recruitment films for Rolls-Royce with the aim to act as a “commercial” to be used at meetings, presentations, recruitment fairs etc.

We wanted a to draw people in, whetting their appetite for further exploration and finding out more about the people who work for Rolls-Royce. The project consisted of one 25” teaser, a 90” overview film and 13 x 60” films featuring Rolls-Royce employees, all of whom representing different aspects of the business and a cross-section of age, ethnicity, and gender. Through meeting them, we get to meet Rolls-Royce, getting a feel for the personality of the company and the qualities and values it stands for.

“A suite of films created for Rolls-Royce to showcase their talent and encourage prospective employees to explore the possibilities of working for Rolls-Royce”