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When's Dad Coming Home?

The Alzheimer's Society

Production team

Awards IVCA-
Grand Prix
1 Gold
1 Silver Award

New York Festivals-
Grand Prix
2 Gold Awards

US Film Festival-
1 Gold Award

The Alzheimer’s Society is the UK’s leading charity into research for dementia and for the ongoing care of sufferers and their families. A film was needed to help shock, move and energise the viewer into action. By communicating, unforgettably, the horror of dementia and its impact on others, the film also seeks to remind people of the vital and difficult work that the Society does. 

The film was used for fund-raising and as a major tool to help increase the recruitment of helpers/staff up and down the country. The film far surpassed all fund-raising and recruitment expectations, inspiring everyone who’s seen it. The charity was appointed Charity of the Year for Tesco, and the film video inspired Tesco staff alone to raise more than £2M.


Client testimonial

“Dementia can sometimes seem rather opaque subject matter but The Edge rose to the challenge of creating a short film which would not only educate people about the condition but also motivate them to support the Society through fundraising. Through research, listening to our comments and great attention-to-detail your team have created a film which does just this. We are absolutely delighted with the final film and feel sure that it will continue to be a powerful tool for us long into the future.”