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Network Rail

Awards NYF - 1 Silver, 1 Bronze

We designed this film to support Network Rail’s world-class Apprentice Scheme, and the importance of respect in the workplace – particularly between senior colleagues and new apprentices.

Millions of pounds have been invested in the Apprentice Scheme, but when these young people go to work on the railway, things can go wrong.  They often find their opinions are not given sufficient value so they feel ‘squashed’.  If they don’t feel confident in their standing or able to speak up, this can have a direct impact on safety. In the longer term, it means that Network Rail stand to lose out on a number of highly talented recruits which could have serious impact on the future of the organisation.

The film has been shown at safety briefings to frontline employees and the primary audience is the older Track and Maintenance workers (skilled labourers, generally male).